Ramen Hachi – New West

We came to New West to do some errands and ended up at Ramen Hachi for some Ramen.  Ramen Hachi is just located under the New West skytrain station.  It was late in the afternoon so there were plenty of tables available for our late lunch.


They don’t have a big selection of ramen here.  We ended up ordering the takoyaki to start. It comes with 5 pieces.


The takoyakis were prepared well, nicely rounded with tasty octopus filling topped with Japanese mayo.

We ordered the basic shio ramen.


It was a fair size with pork.  What was unusual was that the soup was super clear.  Too clear from the norm, like canned chicken broth.  The noodles were also super thin.  You don’t get a choice of type of noodles here.

Next we got the Kumamoto ramen. The main difference is the black garlic oil on top.


The garlic oil gave the ramen a bit more kick compared to the basic Shio ramen.

The ramen here is out of the ordinary when compared to the other ramen shops.  This is mainly due to the super thin noodles, as well as the clear and light soup broth.  It would have been better if they provided a choice of noodles and broth richness.

It’s convenient to get here if you take the skytrain regularly.  If you drive, you’d have to do pay parking in this mall complex.

SFDD gives 3 ot of 5 Delights.

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Coffeeholic – Coquitlam

We were looking for a non chain coffee shop to meet up along North Road and found this Coffeeholic place from google maps.  Reviews seemed fair so we came to try it out.  It was a Friday early afternoon and there was not much of a crowd.  It looked to be family run.


There was quite a few parking spots outside in this small strip mall. Just behind it is the Executive Inn Hotel.

We ordered a mango slushy drink:


It was made fresh and we saw them use some fresh mangoes to make this.

We also ordered a regular sized latte.  They use JJ Bean coffee beans here.  There was also some nice latte art.


Latte could have used a bit more espresso kick.  I couldn’t quite taste the signature JJ Bean flavor though.

Coffeeholic is a good place to meet up. They also have a nice selection of pastries too.  Aside from the relatively week latte, the service here was friendly and premises were well maintained and clean.

SFDD gives 3 out of 5 Delights.


Xing Fu Tang – Vancouver

We drove by Xing Fu Tang a few times during the last few months and noticed this place seems to have a long line up all the time.   They serve specialised bubble tea drinks that use a unique type of brown sugar as part of their recipe.


When we walked by Saturday afternoon recently, there was no line up so we thought it must be a good time to try it out.  As soon as you walk in, you can smell the fragrant brown sugar cooking from the kitchen.  You can also see a someone near the counter stirring the brown sugar and bubble pearls at the front.

We ordered a basic brown sugar pearl bubble milk tea.  It was just over $5.


The taste was indeed very unique.  We can tell right away it was not like other bubble tea shops mixing it up with cheap instant flavoured powder.  The brown sugar made the bubble pearls very tasty.  Although it was brown sugar, it was not overly sweet.

While waiting for your drink, you can test your fortune by picking up a stick and then seeing what number door you can open to get your lucky (or unlucky) fortune. In the picture, this is located on the left side where you see the red sticks.


SFDD gives 4 out of 5 delights.

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Horin Ramen and Sake – Downtown Vancouver

Horin Ramen is located on Robson street just west of Burrard street.    We came here after seeing a long line up at the Ramen Danbo further down Robson.  It was late in the afternoon on Saturday and Horin had no line up and there were only a few tables occupied.


Their menu has a history about the ramen style served here.


You can customise your ramen based on firmness, fat, chilli, saltiness of soup.


We started with gyoza dumplings.  It comes with six pieces and a dipping sauce.


The gyozas had a delicious pork filling.  What looked strange is the extra pan fried excess edges that came with the gyoza.  We thought they forgot to remove it but noticed other customers’ gyozas looked the same too.

We ordered the first and second ramen items on the menu.  This one is the Ajitama ramen.  It comes with the soft boiled egg.


Next is the original ramen.


The ramen here is the thin type.


The Ramen here is pretty darn good.  Being able to customise makes it even better.  Maybe this place is too new that people don’t know about it so there is no line up?

We’d definitely prefer to come here to avoid the long line up at the other ramen restaurants further down Robson Street. Prices and portion size where reasonably good.  The service here was also friendly and efficient.

SFDD gives 4 out of 5 Delights.

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Earnest Ice Cream – Vancouver

Earnest Ice Cream has 2 locations in Vancouver.  We visited this newer location after a brisk walk around the Science World area.


It was a Saturday afternoon and was very busy.  We waited in line for about 10 minutes.


They had quite a few different flavours available today.  We chose a ghost chocolate flavor and Earl Gray.


We initially thought they gave us the wrong ice cream because we expected the chocolate to be brown.  It turns out the ghost chocolate is indeed, the white scoop on the bottom of the cup.

The ice cream here is good, but a bit too pricey.  The scoops are kind of small too.  There isn’t a lot of seating available.  They got one big round communal table and some counter seats.

The ice cream is good but I would not recommend you make a special trip just to try it.  They have some unique flavours you can try if you are in the neighbourhood.

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