NY Fries – Tsawwassen Mills

During our shopping visit at Tsawwassen Mills, we had to stop for a quick bite to eat, sort of like a mini lunch.  We ordered from one of our all time favorite food court vendors, New York Fries.

Photo 2018-04-28, 4 01 48 PM.jpg

We shared The Works Poutine with chili on the side.

Photo 2018-04-28, 4 11 36 PM.jpg

This particular one is like a baked potato with all everything.  It has sour cream, bacon, green onions and some cheese sauce along with the beef chili.

When you think poutine, you think cheese curds right?  Here at NY fries, only their plain poutine comes with the curds.  Their other specialty poutines don’t have curds, just like this Works.

The NY fries are always very fresh and consistent with skin on.  I think they make it only when you order so that is a big plus for NY fries being able to keep the consistency throughout different locations.

SFDD gives 4 out of 5 Delights.

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Van Thai Restaurant – New Westminster

Van Thai opened up beneath the New West Skytrain station not too long ago serving Thai dishes.

Photo 2018-03-22, 11 37 16 AM.jpg

It was a nicely decorated interior.  We went during lunch time but it was very quiet.  The restaurant was probably very new so not many people know about it yet.  We were greeted by friendly servers and was seated promptly.

Photo 2018-03-22, 11 41 00 AM.jpg

They have a lunch special menu with many $10 choices.  The first item we ordered was the Singapore fried vermicelli.

Photo 2018-03-22, 11 51 15 AM.jpg

It was a good lunch size portion with good flavor from the curry

Next up is the mango chicken.

Photo 2018-03-22, 11 50 42 AM.jpg

It was fried well, nicely seasoned and came with a bowl of rice.

Finally we also got green curry with beef.

Photo 2018-03-22, 11 48 14 AM.jpg

This also comes with rice.  The curry was very creamy tasty and the spiciness was just right.

Van Thai is very new so at the time we visited it was rather quiet.  We will look forward coming back to try other dishes too as they have a good value lunch menu.

SFDD gives 4 out of 5 Delights.
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Potter’s Garden – Burnaby

After a Saturday afternoon hike, we got hungry and craved for Korean food so we dropped by Potter’s Garden on Kingsway.

Photo 2018-05-05, 3 34 22 PM.jpg

It’s been over a year since we last came.  We noticed they renovated since we last visited.

Photo 2018-05-05, 3 29 04 PM.jpg

As usual, we got complimentary appetizers which includes seaweed, potatoes, kim-chi and some beans.

Photo 2018-05-05, 3 39 20 PM.jpg

We ordered jap chae which is fried potato noodles:

Photo 2018-05-05, 3 39 14 PM.jpg

This was a good sized with very chewy potato noodles cooked together with a variety of veggies and meat.

We also ordered a traditional Korean pork bone soup:

Photo 2018-05-05, 3 39 40 PM.jpg

The soup comes with a small bowl of rice.  The soup was boiling hot, very flavorful and had 3 large pieces of pork bones.  The soup was a tad spicy though.  When we were finished our appetizers, we asked for a refill and our friendly server immediately brought us out some new ones.

Potter’s Garden is located in a small shopping centre with plenty of parking available.  They also offer a special lunch menu if you get there before 3pm.

SFDD gives 3 out of 5 Delights.

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Novo Pizzeria and Wine Bar – Vancouver

We found a Groupon deal to use at Novo Pizzeria on Friday night.  Novo is located along Burrard and 6th around where the luxury car dealerships can be found.  They are known for their wood fired oven pizzas.

Photo 2018-05-11, 8 52 44 PM.jpg

They promote the Italian beer called Peroni which is on the sandwich board as well as the beer glasses they use too.

Photo 2018-05-11, 6 59 30 PM.jpg

The inside of the restaurant is very spacious with an open kitchen with a good mix of booths and table. They have patio seating as well.

Photo 2018-05-11, 7 22 45 PM.jpg

The wood fired oven is also visible and was fired up for pizza action throughout the night.

We made reservations for 7pm and got there a few minutes early.  The restaurant was already quite busy, but not all full.   After being seated and given our menus, it seemed like our table was forgotten.  We did not know who our server was as nobody came to greet us nor bring us any water to start.  We must have sat around for almost 10 minutes before our server came by to take our order.

Seeing that Peroni beer was being promoted, we ordered it to try.

Photo 2018-05-11, 7 26 29 PM.jpg

It took a long time for our server to bring us the beer though.  Also, it would have been better if the beer glasses were kept cool in the fridge.  Anyway, this was a light coloured beer which went down smoothly.

Our Groupon deal was for 2 people.  It started with this bite sized appetizer called Cicheto, served on a fancy spoon.  It’s got burrata which we think is the creamy white you see in the pic, topped with oven-dried tomato, balsamic pearls, pistachio, mint.  The mint made this a refreshing start to the meal.

Photo 2018-05-11, 7 24 49 PM.jpg

The next appetizer is the Antipasti board.  It consists of Iberico ham, Calabrian-cured sausage, Asiago cheese, Castelvetrano olives, house condiments, pane pugliese.

Photo 2018-05-11, 7 29 20 PM.jpg

We stacked the goodies on top of the toast and it was quite enjoyable and nicely presented.

Next we added a fried calamari, which was not part of the groupon.  We saw our next table order the same thing and it looked quite attractive.

Photo 2018-05-11, 7 35 23 PM.jpg

It’s served on a nice wooden platter with some tzatziki and some mariana dip on the side.  What was interesting was that this came with a grilled lemon which we never saw before.  It gave the lemon juice a unique flavour.  The calamari were fried nicely in a light batter and was seasoned nicely.

For the main course, we originally thought it was one pizza and one pasta of your choice to share.  We were rather delighted to learn from the server that it was 2 pizzas and 2 pastas!

The pastas came first.  We chose bolognese first:

Photo 2018-05-11, 7 52 46 PM.jpg

It was served with a wide pasta, perhaps a fettuccine that was very chewy just as we like it.  The sauce was very flavorful and full of meat.

Next we chose their hand crafted crab ravioli:

Photo 2018-05-11, 7 51 59 PM.jpg

It was filled with cheese, corn, chives.  It was also nice and chewy with a nice buttery sauce.

The pizzas came next.  First is the chorizo salami and thyme & honey:

Photo 2018-05-11, 8 09 41 PM.jpg

The pizza was quite interesting because of the ricotta cheese.  It added some creaminess to this pizza.  It has a good amount of meat and cheese.  We would say the pizza is slightly larger than a small pizza.

The next pizza we tried was the funghi pizza:

Photo 2018-05-11, 8 10 22 PM.jpg

It had plenty of mushrooms.  This pizza did not use tomato sauce but was quite enjoyable.  The mushrooms were drained well and did make the pizza soggy.

We don’t get to eat wood oven pizzas often, so we are not sure if the crust is supposed to be so burned.  I peaked at other tables and it was the same thing so we were not alone.  The toppings were great but sometimes when biting into the charred crust, the bitterness somewhat spoils the flavour.

The staff who brought the food were very friendly and efficient.  The bus person was also very effective in ridding our used plates and topping up our water.

I think our server needs some improvement because not even once, he came by to check in to see how we were doing.  We saw other servers bringing the pepper mill to ask their customers if they’d like some pepper on their meals.  Our server was not available to ask us.

Finally, we chose the tiramisu for our dessert:

Photo 2018-05-11, 8 33 40 PM.jpg

The dessert was done very well and had the correct balance of cheese, coco, coffee, and wine.

The food was all very superb and top notch.  Our server must have been having an off-day as we felt he could have done a better job at providing service for our table.  To top it off, we just realised now he charged us for the wrong Peroni.  He charged us for the higher price draft Peroni when in fact, we ordered the bottled Peroni which is a dollar less.

SFDD gives:
4 out of 5 Delights for food
2.5 out of 5 Delights for service (from our server)

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Zakkushi Charcoal Grill – Vancouver

We were back to Zakkushi on a Saturday early evening.  Despite making reservations a day ahead, they only had bar seating area available for us but they had given us a heads up about it over the phone already.

Photo 2018-04-21, 6 28 15 PM.jpg

Zakkushi is right by Main and 25th in a small strip mall with limited parking.  It’s tucked away in the South corner of the building.  At Zakkushi, you order small dishes to eat including things like meat skewers.

The bar area was small with only 4 seats but it was cozy.  You can’t really see inside the kitchen so the cooks won’t talk to you as the food comes out on the other side.

Photo 2018-04-21, 5 32 59 PM.jpg

When browsing the menu, I’m sure you will also be tempted to try a lot of their good food.

Photo 2018-04-21, 5 25 01 PM.jpg

This is the grilled rice ball, we chose the butter shoyu flavour.

Photo 2018-04-21, 6 00 17 PM.jpg

This is really good because it’s crispy on the outside with nice flavouring from the butter and soy sauce.

Next is the Kishu set which comes with 5 of their meat skewers (yakitori).

Photo 2018-04-21, 5 53 10 PM.jpg

It had a good mix of beef, chicken and pork skewers to sample from.  The most interesting one was the green one (2nd from the right).  It was pork wrapped around garlic stubs (like beans).

We also ordered chicken karrage.  We were not expecting that it came in such a large order with 5 plump pieces of chicken.

Photo 2018-04-21, 5 49 39 PM.jpg

Chicken karrage is boneless.  These ones had a light batter and comes with  a daikon type of dip on the side.  This was really delicious and is something that we will order again next time we come.

Next is Ikayaki, which is a grilled whole squid.

Photo 2018-04-21, 5 44 31 PM.jpg

It comes with a spicy mayo dip.  The squid was very soft and tender and tasted quite superb with the dip.

We also ordered a draft Sapporo beer as well.

Photo 2018-04-21, 6 01 49 PM.jpg

Zakkushi is a place to come for nice snacks and beer or sake.  Individually, the prices are not bad, but because you tend to order more and more, your bill can add up quite quickly before you know it.  It’s operated by Japanese staff and the service was quite good. We didn’t have to wait long for the food and we did not feel rushed despite being a busy Saturday evening.

It’s recommended to make reservations ahead of time.

SFDD gives 4 out of 5 Delights.

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