The Keg – Richmond

The Keg in Richmond is located behind the Ironwood strip mall around the No5 Rd and Steveston area.  It’s been here for a long time and recently has gone through another reno making it a much more modern restaurant.

Photo 2018-03-01, 7 01 43 PM.jpg

We made reservations a couple of days ahead of time for a Thursday dinner.  We arrived on time and the table was ready for us.  It’s been a while since we came to the Keg and it has transformed into a much nicer looking place after the renos.

Keg is well known for their prime ribs.  In the past we would reserve prime rib orders since they would always sell out.  It looks like they no longer do this anymore when we asked during our phone reservations.

They have daily drink specials featured on the table.

Photo 2018-03-01, 7 10 04 PM.jpg

We tried out the margarita which was today’s special and it looked really nice:


We got 2 loafs of the sour dough dinner bread.


The bread was fresh out of the oven, steaming and soft inside.

We ordered a prime rib of course.  From our experience, Keg will always overcook so it’s best to ask for a less well done.  For example, we like medium, but we asked for medium rare.  As you can see, it’s more close to medium so it was perfect.


The prime rib was very tender and juicy.  It also has a nice seasoned crust for extra flavour.   We asked for mashed potatoes on the side and it was very creamy and buttery.

Next up is the sweet Thai Chicken with baked potato.


This was a big sized chicken breast which remained juicy.  The thai sauce was very sweet and tangy.   The fully loaded baked potato also had tons of flavour too.

Lastly we got the Keg burger.


This had fresh lettuce, tomatoes, onions,cheese, bacon and a slice of pickle.  The beef was cooked well done and was very juicy without being too charred.  It had a fair serving of fries.  What we didn’t like about the fries was that it was the MacDonald’s style skinny fries.  We would have preferred steak cut sized fries.

Finally, since we had a birthday guest with us tonight, the Keg was generous and provided us with a Billy Miner pie.  It was chocolate ice cream cake with almonds.


The Keg was very busy tonight but the service was very friendly and up to par.  The parking lot here can get a little congested though as it’s quite crammed.

The Keg did a good job with the renos.  Their menu also has much variety to choose from if you like different steaks or non beef meals.   What we’d recommend is to ditch the Macdonld’s style skinny fries because they can make the meal feel like fast food in a way.  If craving for steak, you won’t go wrong going to the Keg as they know what they are doing here.

SFDD gives 4 out of 4 Delights.

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Pho 37 – Richmond

Another Pho post?  Pho noodles are one of those things we never get bored of since it satisfies many of our taste buds.  This time we checked out Pho 37 in the Ironwood strip mall.

Photo 2018-04-07, 3 13 26 PM.jpg

We walked by here many times but never thought to try it out.  It’s usually packed with people but this time it was not so busy since it was after the lunch rush on a Saturday afternoon.  We happily walked in and got a nice spacious booth.

Photo 2018-04-07, 3 17 56 PM.jpg

They use disposable chopsticks here.  Doing that makes it feel more like a take out or food court though.

Photo 2018-04-07, 3 23 08 PM.jpg

After ordering we got our plate of bean raw sprouts.

Photo 2018-04-07, 3 24 15 PM.jpg

We ordered their basic rare beef pho.

Photo 2018-04-07, 3 24 49 PM.jpg

They just have one size here for their noodles.  It had a good amount of noodles which retained the right amount of al-Dante chewiness.  The raw beef was also very tender.  The soup tasted a bit different here.  One reason is because they advertise no MSG.

Next we ordered dry vermicelli with chicken and spring roll.

Photo 2018-04-07, 3 25 17 PM.jpg

This was presented nicely with a delicious spring roll.  The chicken was also grilled very well and was not char burned.  It was a big sized chicken thigh with just the right amount of lemon grass flavour.

They have a bottle of fish sauce on the table so you can use as much as you like.

The strip mall here has plenty of parking available so there shouldn’t be any problems.  The service was friendly and fast.  We came after lunch time and before dinner so we didn’t have to wait. Be prepared to line up though during prime time hours.

SFDD gives 4 out of 5 Delights.

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Domino’s Pizza – West Richmond

We come to this location quite often for their pizza specials especially when they have a promotion like now, where you can get a large 4 topping pizza for $14.  We last blogged about this place several years ago when things were always consistently good.  It’s now overdue for an update.

Since we last blogged, this location has renovated to be  more modern looking pizza store where it’s an open kitchen and you can see them make your pizza.  It’s also a bigger now with some tables available if you want to stay in and eat.  However, from the many times we’ve been here, we never saw anyone stay to eat.  This location is on No2 road in a tiny strip mall by 7-11.

One thing we noticed in the last couple of months is the change in staffing.  It looks as though this shop is under new ownership, please correct us if we are wrong.  The staff here are friendly and fast to get your order ready which is a big plus.

This time we ordered online the 4 topping large pizza special.  When we got to the store, we saw it was very busy because from the LCD order screen, they had many pages of orders in progress.  This was a lot more than usual maybe because it was the long weekend.

Photo 2018-03-29, 7 00 58 PM.jpg

The pizza during our last couple of visits haven’t been that great compared to before.  As you can see, they were very frugal with the toppings this time.  We chose sausage, onions, pineapple and mushrooms.

Photo 2018-03-29, 7 01 12 PM.jpg

We took out a frozen pizza to compare and noticed the frozen pizza had more toppings than this.  The toppings were also not evenly distributed.  This pizza was also short on pizza sauce so it felt very dry.

We also ordered honey garlic wings.

Photo 2018-03-29, 7 01 54 PM.jpg

Domino’s wings usually come with a ranch dip.  Their wings are not cooked on a grill nor deep fried.  Instead, based on the texture, it seems like the chicken has been boiled in water first, then tossed in sauce, wrapped in foil and put into the pizza oven.  The chicken always feels very soggy.  It’s probably not the fault of this particular store if they are just following the corporate recipe.

We also find that the wings are always overly sauced as you can see the big puddle at the bottom of the foil.  Lastly, there is always char burns floating around the sauce.

Overall, our last few visits have been mediocre.  We are not sure if this shop is really under new management or not.  We will still come back, but probably not as often.  We do hope that improvements will be made soon to bring the quality back up to what it supposed to be.

SFDD gives 2.5 out of 5 Delights.

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Van Dragon Chinese Restaurant – East Vancouver

We come to Van Dragon several times a year for family dim sums.  We realised it’s been a few years since last blogged about it so it’s a good time now for an update.

Van Dragon is located on East Hastings near Nanaimo and so far it seems to be under the same ownership for the last 3 years or so.  Parking still sucks so just avoid their parking lot altogether and use the free street parking on Hastings instead.

Deep Fried Stuffed Eggplant:

Photo 2018-03-23, 11 58 16 AM.jpg

The eggplant was tender while the fried shrimp filling tasted OK.  It eggplants looked a bit off balance and random though.  It would have been better if they cut them into more even pieces.

BBQ buns:

Photo 2018-03-23, 11 59 43 AM.jpg

These were a nice plump size.  The bbq pork filling today was a tad too fatty.  Also the bamboo steamers are getting too old and should probably get replaced.

Beef Tendon:

Photo 2018-03-23, 11 59 46 AM.jpg

The beef tendon was very tender and and smooth.  Flavour-wise it was good too.

Plain Rice Roll:

Photo 2018-03-23, 12 02 34 PM.jpg

Van Dragon usually does a really good job cooking up the rice rolls. They are always nice and soft.   You can tell right away they are cooked fresh when ordered.

Spareribs on rice:

Photo 2018-03-23, 12 09 39 PM.jpg

This is a nice sized rice cooked inside a clay pot.  It had a good balance of spareribs.  One suggestion is to ask for the soy sauce on the side.

Fried Tofu:

Photo 2018-03-23, 11 58 21 AM.jpg

We weren’t expecting the tofu pieces to be small squares this time.  Somehow we remember this as coming in triangles but we could be wrong as it’s been a while since we ordered this.   They did have a nice crisp to it and good amount of salt and garlic for flavor.

Van Dragon’s dim sum has been quite consistent in quality over the years.   The downside is the bamboo steamers are getting too old and worn out that it can turn off appetites.   The prices have climbing up as well so try to come early in the mornings when they offer a % discount on dim sum.

SFDD gives 3 out of 5 Delights.

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Whitespot – Richmond No 3rd


It was a lazy night for us so we drove out craving for fish and chips.  We ended up at White Spot on No 3 road, the one located in the Price Smart strip mall.

Normally the parking lot would be packed if you were coming on a weekend with people going to Price Smart and the BC Liquor store, but tonight it was quiet and peaceful with plenty of parking stalls available.

White Spot was quite busy for Tuesday evening.  We waited a few minutes before getting seated into a comfy booth.  There looked to be a couple of birthday parties happening at the same time too.

We both ordered fish and chips. Here is the first one:

Photo 2018-03-20, 7 17 10 PM.jpg

They presented it really nice and neat over a faux newspaper.  It was 2 large pieces of cod.  We liked how they made a V shape surrounding the fries.  This extra touch made the dish look nicer.

The 2nd order is not really fish and chips as you can see. We opted for spot salad:

Photo 2018-03-20, 7 17 03 PM.jpg

The cod used a light batter and the was very juicy and flavorful.  Their salad was super fresh and this time the dressing was well balanced and not just oil like some other locations.

The endless fries here were top notch as it was a nice golden brown crisp on the outside and fluffy potatoes on the inside.

Our server was very attentive and came by to offer more fries before we finished.

Photo 2018-03-20, 7 54 46 PM.jpg

For our fries refill above, we thought to try no salt.  No salt actually was quite good too because the fries already had some flavor to it.  It was not bland at all and had a pleasant natural taste to it.

Lastly, they passed the ketchup bottle test.  Super clean, no old ketchup marks on the cap to turn off your appetite.

Photo 2018-03-20, 7 07 34 PM.jpg

This is a nice cozy location and didn’t feel as busy as Richmond Centre.  The staff here are also quite professional and attentive.  The only downside is the parking lot can get hectic if you come on a weekend.

SFDD gives 4 out of 5 Delights.

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