Chad Thai – North Burnaby


We went out to North Burnaby for a lunch on Saturday and ended up at Chad Thai.  This is a small cosy Thai restaurant along Hastings in North Burnaby.


They have lunch specials for around $9-11.  The lunch specials all come with a veggie fried spring roll and a bowl of soup.


The spring rolls were fresh out of the fryer and comes with a hot/sweet dip.  The soup is a clear based Thai styled soup.  It was a little bit on the sweet side.

We ordered a yellow beef curry.


It was a good sized portion with lots of beef and potato with a bowl of rice.  We chose mild for this curry but it was a bit on the sweet side for our liking.

Next is a green chicken curry.


We also chose mild and this one had lots chicken and veggies inside.  This was not as sweet and was the right spiciness.

We also ordered a curry and rice with chicken.  This is called the khao gaeng.


This one used a different blend of curry and unlike the prior curry dishes above, it was served directly over the rice on the plate.  It had a good mild spiciness to it.

Lastly, we got the chicken pad thai.


This pad thai was a regular menu portion so we are expecting it to be larger than the lunch sized portion.  It was $2 more.  Since it was our first time here, we were unable to compare how much bigger it is if compared to the lunch plate size.

The service here was fast and friendly.  The restaurant is small without too many tables, so expect to wait a bit if you go during peak lunch hour.

SFDD gives 4 out of 5 Delights.

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Pizza Hut – No 1 Rd Richmond

It’s been a while since we last updated as we have been busy.  Hopefully we can be back to a normal updating schedule.

Here is a short one from Pizza Hut.  This is a take out location we come to regularly.  It seems like Pizza Hut has has the $10 Pizza of the day deal for a few years now.  We are quite surprised they are able to keep up with the same price for a Medium speciality pizzas.

The pizza of the day today was triple crown.


Triple Crown has pepperoni, green pepper and mushrooms.  The speciality pizzas always have a generous amount of toppings.    We chose pan crust.  Usually the pan crust should be slightly crispy.  However, this time it was a bit too soggy.  It may be that they put too much oil on the pan so it absorbed into the crust.  Pan crust is Pizza Huts specialty, how could they get it wrong?!!

We also ordered a wing and breadsticks combo special.


The bread sticks were very fresh and soft, lightly seasoned.  It came with 2 packs of Mariana dipping sauce.

We chose mild hot wings. This combo comes with a pack of 8.


The flavour was good but we got an imbalance of wingets (2) vs  drumets (6).

We ordered online and by the time we arrived we didn’t have to wait very long to pick up.  The pizza this time was mediocre due to the sub-par prepared crust that had too much oil on the bottom.

Pricing was good but hopefully next time they will do better prepping the pizza.

SFDD gives 2 out of 5 Delights.

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Osteria Napoli

Osteria Napoli is a small neighbourhood Italian restaurant along Renfrew and 1st Ave.  It’s been there for ages but we finally had a chance to try it out when we saw the Groupon special.


Their sandwich board promises live music.  However I think we got there too early so no music for us this evening.


Since it was a very early dinner, the restaurant was mostly empty so we had our choice of tables.  Inside the restaurant was had a 80’s like decor, but all was clean and well maintained.  It was a bit stuffy though.


We started with an Italian beer.


It was not satisfying because it was not ice cold.  It was almost lukewarm.  Not fun to have on a hot summer day.  It would have been nice if they put the glasses in the fridge.

Complementary appetisers included this bread with some cheese and tomato sauce.


We also received dinner rolls.


These were like hot dog buns.  They came from the oven so it was nice and hot with a bit of crisp on the outside.

For our appetiser, we ordered their Melanzane Alla Siciliana (baked eggplant).


While the server was bringing it, I thought it was or lasagne main.  The eggplant was baked in a very rich and tasty tomato sauce with some melted cheese on top.

For our mains, we first ordered the Lasagna Della Casa.


It was a good size with lots of cheese melted on top.  They were also very generous with the cheese between the pasta.

Next we ordered Spaghetti Alla Bolognese.


The meat sauce was also very rich while the pasta was cooked al Dante just as it should be.

Service here was friendly and the food preparation was efficient.  The atmosphere could have been improved with better air circulation especially for a summer day with their windows facing west during evening sunset.  Beer needs to be cold.   Aside from these few hiccups, the food was good and this would be a nice neighbourhood restaurant to visit for enjoying some authentic Italian food.

SFDD gives 3 out of 5 Delights.

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Camellia Tea and Coffee

Camellia Tea and Coffee is on Royal Oak in Burnaby just a few steps away from the Royal Oak skytrain station.


We got here pretty early on a Saturday morning even before it opened, so the shop was very quiet.  The shop is spacious with plenty of seating available and was nicely decorated.


They’ve got a good selection on the menu of espresso drinks and teas.  They also have quite a few cakes and pastries available to choose from in the display case.


We ordered a latte.


Latte art was attempted but did not look too well.  Also the lip of the cup had lots of specs on it. I was not sure if it was artistic or just by accident.  It did not look too attractive.  The drink was soso as it did not have enough kick in the espresso flavor.

This is Earl Grey tea latte.  No latte art attempted.


Nothing special to report on the tea latte as it’s just a tea bag with steamed milk.

We also ordered an apple strudel.  While ordering, I noticed the counter person loading up or straightening out the other pastries with her bare hands.  I don’t think that’s very food safe to be handling food like that.  Even if hands are clean, there is always a perception of dirty hands if ungloved.


Anyhow, they offered to warm up the apple turnover and it was pretty good, not too sweet and had big chunks of apple pieces inside.

We also tried one of their cakes.


We noticed that most of their cakes on display were already cut into, like 1/3 or half gone.  Since we were first to visit, this implies the cakes were leftovers from the day(s) before.

Lastly, we also tried on of their sandwiches.  This is a ham and egg sandwich.


It was a good sized portion with lots of veggies inside too.

Camellia Tea and Coffee is conveniently located since it’s near a skytrain station. There is also plenty of street parking available.  The drinks and pastries were average at best.  It’s a good neighbourhood meetup spot but not a the type of  place worth makeing a special trip to visit.

SFDD gives 3 out of 5 Delights.

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Perak Malaysian Cafe – Vancouver

Perak Malaysian Cafe is on South Granville St by the Safeway location on 70th Ave.  This is our first time visiting here.

We got here just a few minutes after 11am on Sunday, but it was not yet opened.  We did see people inside setting up though so we went for a stroll around the block before coming back.


The interior was simple and nothing too fancy.  It was a bit dark though.  Their menus was simple and not too complicated:


We noticed their prices were rather reasonable since they came with your choice of hot drinks.

They also had a noodle menu on a seperate page where you can custom build your noodle bowl.


We ordered a Roti Canai (Malay pancake) to start.


It comes with a curry like dipping sauce.   We thought the pancakes were a bit too oily.  Flavor-wise it was good especially when dipped into the mildly spicy sauce.

Next we ordered their famous hainan chicken with rice.


It had maybe 1/4 chicken,de-boned with a few sauces on the side.  The chicken had good texture and fair flavour that was not too salty.

The next dish we got the laksa.


It had a nice kick from the spiciness.   It also had a generous serving of toppings like tofu, seafood, egg, and fish cake and noodles.

Next is the dried curry noodle.


It had 2 types of noodles with bbq pork and chicken. It was also spicy from the curry powder.

Lastly, we ordered Mee Goreng.


This is a fried noodle dish with pork, prawn and fish cake.  It also had 2 types of noodles. It was not as spicy as the above dishes.

For the drinks, we all ordered milk tea.


The milk tea was strong with deep flavour.  Usually Hong Kong style milk teas are extra creamy because evaporated milk is used.

Perak is a family run restaurant.  Their operation is small so be prepared to wait if they are busy since they only have one person at the front doing all the customer service.  The food choice is adequate and the prices are good.  We will be coming here more regularly to try their other items.

SFDD gives 4 out of 5 Delights.

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