Ignite Pizzeria – Vancouver

After a morning coffee at 49th Parallel Coffee, I did some errands along Main street and got distracted by this modern looking pizza place called Ignite Pizzeria.


From the outside I can see the large wood fired pizza oven and a simplified menu on the sandwich board outside the shop.


Inside was spacious with lots of seating including a big row of window seats.


There were about 7 or 8 different flavoured pizzas ready to serve.


It was very hard to choose since they all looked very good.  They had a good mix of meat and vegetarian pizzas available.  I chose this one:


This was a spinach pizza with some artichoke.  The ingredients were very fresh and high quality.  The crust had a nice texture to it and was not overly burned like some other wood ovens as you can see there are hardly any black marks on the crust.

The staff here were very friendly.  No matter which pizza you choose, they will heat it up for you in their special oven to be sure you get a nice hot pizza.  The shop is very clean and well maintained.  The only recommendation I’d have is brighter lights as it was a bit dim inside.

We’d definitely will be coming back to try their other pizza varieties.

SFDD gives 4 out of 5 Delights.

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Rain or Shine Ice Cream – Cambie Street

After lunch we passed by Rain or Shine Ice cream and decided to give it a try as we were craving for something sweet.


There was a moderate line up when we arrived late in the afternoon.  The menu shows the featured flavors available that day.  They also have milkshakes, sundaes and take out tubs of ice cream.


We tried 2 flavors – London Fog and Lavender.


We really enjoyed the London fog since it had a strong taste of Earl Gray tea flavor to it.  The lavender was a bit strange though.  It seemed to have bits of lavender plant in the ice cream so that was a bit unusual.

The ice creams itself were quite smooth and creamy.  Despite the line up, the staff here were quick and efficient in moving the line.

SFDD gives 4 out of 5 Delights.

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Golden Seafood Restaurant – Vancouver

Golden Seafood Restaurant took over this space from Golden Phoenix Restaurant if I recall correctly.  It used to have a red awning, now it’s been replaced with a bright yellow awning for it’s store front.

We came here on the weekend for dinner with family after having a good experience with dim sum a week earlier.  Luckily we made reservations because the restaurant was fully packed already when we arrived at 6pm.

We ordered 6 main dishes.  First is the fried fish with corn sauce.


The pieces of fish were large and was fried quite well as it was lightly battered and very juicy and flavorful inside.

Next we tried sweet and sour chicken.  This was rather healthy compared to sweet and sour pork as it was not fried and less fat.


It had many pieces of chicken and the sauce was just right as it was not too sweet nor sour.

Next is fried tofu with fried garlic and chili.


The tofu was cut into triangles and fried nicely.  The garlic and chili gave this dish a nice punch.

Next is curry beef.


The curry beef was a bit out of balance as it had lots of potatoes, a good amount of beef but not enough curry sauce.  The potatoes would have been better if it was cooked longer as the pieces were a bit too firm.

Next is lettuce wrap with chicken.


It was good size with a good amount of fried vermicelli at the base to give it some extra crunch when you wrap it into the lettuce.

Lastly we ordered a seafood tofu pot.


The pot was filled with lots of large shrimp and squid.  This was not overly saucy and the flavor was good.

Seating was a bit tight as the tables were put close to each other.  I suppose this is typical to see at Chinese restaurants in Vancouver.  The food came very quick and most of the servers were polite.

SFDD gives 3 out of 5 Delights.

Yianni’s Greek Cuisina – New West

A friend recommended us to try out this Greek restaurant in New Westminster.  We came early Saturday for lunch and luckily it was not too busy when we arrived.

We started with fried calamari:


The calamari was a a good sized serving enough for 2 people. It was a bit over fried though, as you can see from the dark colour.

The dishes here come with pita bread which to us seemed to be a bonus because the one we usually frequented in Richmond made you pay extra for pita.


The pita bread here came hot and fluffy.

We ordered beef souvlaki lunch.  It includes has one  skewer for under $12.  It was a good sized lunch serving with the usual potato, rice, and salad.  The beef was quite tender and was not overcooked.


We also ordered the mean dolmathes.


It came with 4 pieces, salad and rice. The dolmathes were very flavorful.

The pototoes and rice were done quite well with just enough sourness from the lemon juice used to marinate.   The tzatziki dip was quite garlicky compared to other places, but we enjoyed it very much.

The service here is friendly and the food came quick.

SFDD gives 4 out of 5 Delights:

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Soho Tea Room – Vancouver

We noticed Soho Tea Room when strolling down the  Cambie St /16th ave neighbourhood in Vancouver.  We decided to drop in a couple of days later to check it out seeing that their menu prices looked very reasonable.


Soho mainly serves Hong Kong style food which is getting more hard to find these days.  Inside of Soho looked quite modern with many tables.


Their menu had a lot of variety of food combo specials.  Most come with a hot drink.  You can pay a little extra for cold drinks.  We started with lemon tea and a HK style coffee/tea:


The meals here also come with soup.  We chose HK style Russian borscht soup:


For the foods, we got a salted preserved fish and chicken fried rice:


The fried rice was a decent size for a lunch portion combo.  It had lots of chicken and salted fish which fit my taste buds very well.  The rice was also perfectly done (with day old rice) to give it the right chewiness for fried rice.

Next we got the beef fried noodle:


Again this was a big portion for lunch.   The flavour was good with lots of beef slices.  The noodles were also fresh.

We came to Soho expecting mini sized lunch specials but their portions were far from being ‘mini’ when compared to other HK style restaurants.  We were not able to finish our meals and had to pack it up for home.

Service was good, food was great and we didn’t have to wait long for a table since we went there after the lunch rush.  Being on Cambie Street, parking can be a challenge if you don’t want to walk since it’s mostly paid street parking.  If you don’t mind, you can probably park a few blocks South which has free street parking.

We shall revisit Soho again to try out their other dishes.

SFDD gives 4 out of 5 Delights.

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