Earnest Ice Cream – Vancouver

Earnest Ice Cream has 2 locations in Vancouver.  We visited this newer location after a brisk walk around the Science World area.


It was a Saturday afternoon and was very busy.  We waited in line for about 10 minutes.


They had quite a few different flavours available today.  We chose a ghost chocolate flavor and Earl Gray.


We initially thought they gave us the wrong ice cream because we expected the chocolate to be brown.  It turns out the ghost chocolate is indeed, the white scoop on the bottom of the cup.

The ice cream here is good, but a bit too pricey.  The scoops are kind of small too.  There isn’t a lot of seating available.  They got one big round communal table and some counter seats.

The ice cream is good but I would not recommend you make a special trip just to try it.  They have some unique flavours you can try if you are in the neighbourhood.

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Rain or Shine – UBC

Rain or Shine ice cream has a few locations around Vancouver, We first visited their store on Cambie Street a few months back.  This location is on the UBC campus.  It’s near the bus loop but slightly hidden in one corner of one the newer buildings.

They got a menu of all the available flavours for the day:


There is not a lot of seating here.  Just a few counter spots by the window.  It’s more of a take out shop.

We shared a double scoop.  We chose black sesame and matcha:




The ice creams here are very creamy.  These 2 flavours were not overly sweet which was good because it won’t hide the flavour of your ice cream.  This location seems to be more generous with the scoop size too.

Aside from these scooped ice cream, they have another menu where you can choose things like milkshakes and other ice cream treats too.

SFDD gives 4 out of 5 Delights.

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C Lovers Fish and Chips – Horseshoe Bay

After returning from a short hiking trip, we were hungry and looking for something to eat around Horseshoe Bay.   We settled  at C Loves Fish and Chips.


We hear their ads on the radio all the time but never tried it.  They are famous for their all you can eat fish and chips.  It was a Saturday early evening, around 5 pm so it was not yet dinner time for most people.  The restaurant was not too busy so we got a table right away.  It got busier after 5:50.

The server explained to us that the first order comes with 5 pieces of cod and fries and also a fountain soft drink.  We were concerned that we would be required to order another 5 pieces and fries after we were done our first round.  Luckily, we can order what we please.  For instance, you can refill with just one piece of fish, or just one order of fries etc…

The first order was like this:


The pieces of fish were not very big, maybe half the size of a regular order of fish and chips elsewhere.  However, you get 5 pieces to start.  It is actually lightly battered so it was not too filling.  The fish itself was also very juicy and not overcooked.  Flavor-wise it was quite good.  Most of us at the table were able to refill with 2 pieces of fish.

We were quite full and satisfied after this all you can meal.  The server was friendly and we didn’t have to wait long for the food.  The tarter sauce could have used a bit more dill though.  They got other things you can choose from the menu such as burgers and other types of fish and chips.  Prices are quite reasonable and overall we enjoyed our visit.

SFDD gives 5 out of 5 Delights.

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Panago – Steveston

It’s been a while since we visited Panago.  We normally order from Pizza Hut and Dominos since the prices are more competitive and they got more deals.  We suddenly craved for one of their pizzas so we ordered a few items for pick up from the Steveston location.


We started with cheesy bread:


We were surprised with the size of it.  It was like a small pizza.  It certainly had lots of yummy cheese melted nicely on top.

Next we got some hot wings:


These wings were quite juicy and flavorful.  They are better than Dominos wings.  Dominos wings taste like its boiled.  Panago wings are prepared a lot nicer and tastier.

The main even is the chicken chipotle pizza:


We actually custom built this one with extra cheese.  The Panago crust is the best one out their if compared to Dominos and Pizza Hut.  The crust is fluffy and soft with a nice crisp on the outside.   One downside to this particular pizza was that it did not have enough sauce.  It doesn’t use tomato pizza sauce, instead it uses chipotle sauce so it is spicy.

The staff here are friendly and the pizza was nearly ready by the time we arrived to pickup.  Hopefully Panago will have more deals this summer so we can enjoy more of their pizzas.

SFDD gives 4 out of 5 Delights.

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Marutama Gaiden – Vancouver

Marutama Gaiden is located along the busy Main St and 12th ave neighbourhood.


They appear to specialise in ramen with chicken broth. We came on a Friday evening and got counter seats along the window. The tables in the rest of the restaurant look a bit unusual like its split up into 3 sections then has a lot of open space in between.

Their menu is simple with large pictures showing the different choices available.


We started with gyoza. It’s pan fried and come with five pieces:


The gyoza was pan fried quite well with a slight golden brown crisp on one side. The meat filling was also flavorful.

We also ordered a piece of fried chicken to share. It has thick tempura like batter that was very crispy.


The chicken was seasoned and if that was not enough flavour, you can use the included dipping sauce.

For our mains, we all ordered shoyu ramen.


it has some fatty pork green onions and red onions.  The soup was very rich and flavorful but will be very filling as a result. The pork was very tender .

The egg is an optional and was cooked with the beautiful orange running yolk.marutama-6

The noodles were cooled Al dante. They are slightly thicker than other places.

For a nominal cost, you can add extra noodles.


Overall, the service here was friendly and efficient. Parking can be a challenge during peak hours since there are many competing restaurants in this neighbourhood. The soup was a bit too rich for our taste, but that won’t deter us from coming back to try other ramen flavors

SFDD gives 4 out of 5 delights

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