Ramen Hachi – New West

We came to New West to do some errands and ended up at Ramen Hachi for some Ramen.  Ramen Hachi is just located under the New West skytrain station.  It was late in the afternoon so there were plenty of tables available for our late lunch.


They don’t have a big selection of ramen here.  We ended up ordering the takoyaki to start. It comes with 5 pieces.


The takoyakis were prepared well, nicely rounded with tasty octopus filling topped with Japanese mayo.

We ordered the basic shio ramen.


It was a fair size with pork.  What was unusual was that the soup was super clear.  Too clear from the norm, like canned chicken broth.  The noodles were also super thin.  You don’t get a choice of type of noodles here.

Next we got the Kumamoto ramen. The main difference is the black garlic oil on top.


The garlic oil gave the ramen a bit more kick compared to the basic Shio ramen.

The ramen here is out of the ordinary when compared to the other ramen shops.  This is mainly due to the super thin noodles, as well as the clear and light soup broth.  It would have been better if they provided a choice of noodles and broth richness.

It’s convenient to get here if you take the skytrain regularly.  If you drive, you’d have to do pay parking in this mall complex.

SFDD gives 3 ot of 5 Delights.

Ramen Hachi Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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